Chemistry surrounds you

BME Szent-Györgyi Albert Szakko.

The purpose of the College was to present a side of chemistry that allows us to understand the true beauty and significance of the natural sciences behind our world. They entrusted me with designing scenes and movements, animating, and adding sound effects and music.

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Koncepció és story :

BME SzASz tagjai

Design és illusztráció :

Dolphin Ganz

Animáció :

Dolphin Ganz

Narrátor :

Dr. Soma Papp

Sound design :

Dolphin Ganz

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We started negotiations with the College of Professionals at the beginning of 2021 regarding creating an animation to promote chemistry. The members of the College of Professionals wrote the concept and the text themselves. I was only involved in its creation as a consultant. I started the work after receiving the finished narration and text. First, I came up with an animation concept. This was followed by acquiring and preparing the storyboard and illustrations. I designed the style so that in each scene, a presented chemical detail and related professional information, which is the subject of the video, play a central role.​​

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