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Web design

Looking to revolutionize the online professional search market, Archidetect needed a one-of-a-kind image and web design. That's where I come in. Focusing on innovation and trying to deeply understand the architect profession, I crafted a design that captures Archidetect's unique personality. The result? See it on yourself...


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Design and illustration:


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Details of the project


Kristóf asked me to design the branding identity and dream up the platform's name. This is always a fascinating, risky, and challenging task. We name something not ours, so we must be cautious. We have to understand the given market, customer base, and competition and imagine and test whether it will work as a ready-made brand as much as possible...


Archidetect's image must work well, mainly in the digital space, so I used slightly more digital colors and typography. When building the solution, an important aspect was that other brands could later be created from the gesture system. E.g., Graphidetect or even Motiondetect written between braces. In addition, it was necessary to be memorable and attention-grabbing since it is a newly started, innovative brand; if it could not stand out from the crowd, it would be much more challenging to grow.


One of my very first web design projects. A basic level of UX research and user flow design preceded the design, so we could be more sure that the wireframes and the final HQ design would reflect what Kristóf dreams of and what is an easy-to-use web interface for others. A complete icon set and Lottie animations were also created for the web, maximizing the uniqueness and professional appearance.

The web nowadays

Kristóf decided on a hybrid design solution. Keeping most of the design I created but with a different-looking landing page and navigation, this is how now it awaits visitors on the Archidetect site.

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