Matyó coloring book

Csibirka Egyesület

Csibirka is a tradition preservation association in Szentistván, which deals with the presentation of the traditions of the ethnic group and the preservation of the knowledge of folk artists. The association asked me to make a coloring booklet with the processing of the original embroidery patterns drawn by the master of folk art. The publication was expected to imitate the actual samples as accurately as possible, thus giving its users an authen


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Details of the project


I started by making high-quality scans of the original tempera-colored embroidery designs. Then, based on these, I showed her the vector illustration of the samples, with black and white line drawings. After the first corrections, with the help of Mária, we selected the color palette typical for Matyó, based on the pictures and the knowledge of the local people.


When designing the print, I was given a free hand about the inner pages, so I chose the font, colors, and gestural patterns next to the numbering. The client already had a clear vision for the cover, so I only performed the contractor's task. The publication's 16 pages allow you to color 8 different matyó patterns. The patterns are authentic copies of the original embroideries of Simon Istvánné Pozsa Magdolna, Master of Folk Art.


The association was also commissioned to create announcements for Facebook and Instagram. You can see them below. ‍

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