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Groove Trails

Within the framework of Groove Trails, the two founders aim to create a movement and community based on instant tours in which sustainability, innovation, and creativity play a crucial role. The client commissioned me to create a logo that carries the colors of the forest and consists of clean vector lines. There was also a request to design a unique family of medals for the performers and a map summarizing them.

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When designing the logo, my central concept was to reproduce the curves of the mountains and hills with playful, meandering lines and to somehow refer to community building and nature. The design of the medals and the map holding the medals were also guided by further thinking of this basic meandering concept. This is also how we chose to draw the motifs from the same line wherever possible. Thus creating a visual form system that is entirely unique and fits the company's image. Of course, since the end result is engraved in wood, I determined the complexity of the forms and the thickness of the lines so that it is technologically feasible and can be removed by the performer. Later, they were also entrusted with designing banners for web announcements and completion certificates and posts that can be displayed on Instagram or Facebook.

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